Take a few minutes and peruse our work. And if you find something you like or something that inspires you, then contact us to talk about making a video together.


Seven/Seventy-Nine 2018 Demo Reel

We are a video production and post production company. While we have numerous examples of that work, this video will give you a taste of what we can do. Give it a watch and check out the other examples of our work on this page if it piques your interest.  


SeatHero by Chica Sport

This video won three Gold ADDY Awards, including Best in Show at the 2018 CincinADDYs. It all started when the good people at Chica Sport wanted to do something a little different than the usual product demonstration video for the SeatHero. We pitched something wacky and they said, "let's do it." This video is the result.


the strive partnership: possible

7/79 helped the Strive Partnership create a video that captures the essence of who they are: A network of community resources working to improve education success for every child. Using an inspirational quote from Muhammad Ali, we focused on the emotional take-away: It’s the everyday small struggles, and successes, that build a larger sense of who we are and our place in the world.



Interactive Notetaking helps students organize and retain information through a hands-on approach to learning. However there hasn’t been a “ready-made” Interactive Notetaking product on the market, until now. This video was part of the launch of Five Star's new line of Interactive Notetaking items that address teachers’ needs, support various student learning styles, and ultimately saves time for both students and teachers throughout the school year.



This video is one of 7/79’s many contributions to the animated explainer video genre. We worked with the client to develop the script and concept, then used that to develop the visual style for the video.


Remote support services

Remote Support Services are a great way for individuals with developmental and/or physical disabilities to remain independent and living in their own home. But how do they work? Watch this video to find out.


Five Star - Locker Organization

This demonstration video uses stop-motion to highlight the features and benefits of Five Star's Locker Organization products.


A Day with Snugli

With a theme of, “Your Style, Your Way,” Seven/Seventy-Nine set out to show how Snugli gear compliments the active life of style-conscious young families. This video shows Snugli gear as stylish, fun, safe, easy to use, and adaptable to any situation. It was primarily used in point-of-purchase displays in the United States and Canada. and as part of Snugli's online and social media campaigns.


Vonne's Story

This short documentary style video tells the story of Vonne Bingham, a student at the University of Cincinnati who was struggling academically because he had to work multiple jobs in order to pay tuition.



What is a philanthropic lab? Seven/Seventy-Nine created this video to answer that question for the Cincinnati community. The short answer is that a philanthropic lab brings together civic-minded talent to address challenges and uncover opportunities to accelerate the positive transformation of a community. Intrigued? Watch the video to learn more.


John Frieda: Gradually Wash In Brighter Brunette

Seven/Seventy-Nine brought the Frieda team's vision to life by shooting all video footage for this series of short videos. Post Production credit goes to Red Echo Post.




Gingerbread Journey

In lieu of a holiday card or fruit basket, we decided to give our clients and friends the gift of whimsical entertainment. This video is a great example of our entire range of capabilities - from writing to production to post production and 3D animation. We even built the set in our studio.   


Evenflo - Proudly Made in the USA

This video was shot on location at Evenflo’s Piqua, Ohio manufacturing facility. It highlights the men and women who make car seats the sense of pride and mission that this job gives them.   


For the Love of Being a Bearcat

The University of Cincinnati continues to have a special place in Bob Fealy's heart. He's one of the university's most active and vocal supporters and has been for many years. This video tells the story of what fuels Bob's love of being a Bearcat.


Holocaust and humanity center - violins of hope

This video opened the Violins of Hope concert at Cincinnati's Music Hall. This concert featured 8 Holocaust era violins played by Cincinnati's finest musicians. Holocaust survivors often came to Cincinnati by train through Union Terminal. Many carried nothing more than a suitcase and hope for a new and better life. This video recreates that journey.


Coney Island – Fun Goes ‘Round

Seven/Seventy-Nine did all of the post production work on this TV spot, including motion graphics design. Good luck getting that jingle out of your head.


ArtWorks – The Apprentice Journey

How does paying teens and young adults to be artists impact their lives and their city? Watch this video to find out.



This Gold Addy Award winning video is one in a series that we created for Wham-O to promote a toy called Frisbee Toss - also known as FTX. We partnered with an ad agency to develop the concept and were then responsible for translating that concept visually.



This video highlights the features and benefits of the Evenflo SureRide DLX infant car seat seat. This video is part of a series of 13 that 7/79 produced for various Evenflo products including car seats and baby gates. Each video served the dual purpose of training retail associates and helping consumers make informed decisions regarding children's products. 




Seven/Seventy-nine helped Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Innovative Labeling Solutions (ILS) tell this story of a revolution in digital printing.  HP’s new Digital Indigo 20000 printer is revolutionizing what is possible in print, and ILS is utilizing it to solve their customers’ needs and grow their capabilities.    



This is one in a series of videos created to highlight the features of Mead Five Star backpacks, notebooks, and binders. Speed ramping was used to play with the timing in order show off a lot of features while keeping the video fast paced and visually appealing.



This video is 1 in a series of 5 that 779 developed with Mead and the Ryan Partnership to relaunch the famous Trapper Keeper® brand. 



ArtWorks is an award-winning non-profit organization that employs and trains Cincinnati youth and talent to create art that has a community impact. Cincinnati is a much more beautiful place thanks to this organization. This video is one of 6 that 7/79 helped create about ArtWorks.  



This video highlights the features and benefits of the Evenflo RightFit booster seat. This video is part of a series 7/79 produced for various Evenflo products including car seats and baby gates. Each video served the dual purpose of training retail associates and helping consumers make informed decisions regarding children’s products.  



The Christian Moerlein Brewing Company tapped Seven/Seventy-Nine to create this TV spot reintroducing their historic brand to the contemporary market. Historical photos were digitally restored, cut into layers, and then animated to create a feeling of depth. This effect along with the closing shot connected the brand’s past with its present.  



Seven/Seventy-Nine shot all of the footage for this video and the others in this series. The product shots at the beginning and end were shot practically on the day of production. Post Production credit goes to Red Echo Post.



7/79 helped Jergens create a series of videos to launch their all new Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizers. This video is one in a series announcing the new lineup of products, as well as informing the viewer on the best ways to use the moisturizers. 7/79 produced, cast, shot, and edit the videos for the Jergens team.


University of Cincinnati – Darwin T. Turner Scholars Program

This video shows the impact that the Darwin T. Turner Scholars Program has on the students involved and the university as a whole. This video was shot in the “cinema verite” style, meaning that we shadowed the students as they went about their day rather than having a formal script or outline.


Find Your Own Way with Scripps

This video highlights the dynamic work  environment at the EW Scripps company and the personal and professional growth that one can find by working there.