Bringing Home the Gold

779Video CincinnADDYs

What a night! The 2018 Cincinnati Advertising Awards, more commonly known as the ADDYs, or CincinADDYs were held on Friday February 23 where our video for SeatHero won a Gold ADDY for Audio/Video Sales Presentation, Internet Commercial Single Spot, and Best of Show. Best of Show! All three awards were a welcomed surprise, but Best of Show was especially unexpected and thrilling.    

There are a lot of different reasons for doing creative work and we would imagine that “winning awards” isn’t at the top of the list for many creative professionals. It certainly isn’t for us. That being said, winning an award is nice, especially in the creative world because creative work is inherently subjective. One person’s genius is another’s hack. One person’s masterpiece is another’s flop. And so on. However, we are incredibly honored, humbled, excited, ecstatic, and a long list of other adjectives about the three trophies that now adorn our studio.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.